​I Found a Baby or Injured Wild Animal
​I found...

... a Baby Bird
If the baby is feathered and can hop, put it in a nearby bush or other safe place so the parents can feed it.  Keep your pets away.

If the baby is naked and helpless, put it in a covered cardboard box or paper bag lined with cloth and keep it very warm.  Call the Umpqua Wildlife Rescue hotline or your local rehab facility right away.

.​.. a Baby Mammal

Mammals need special diets so please don't feed!  Put in a covered cardboard box lined with cloth.  Keep warm and quiet and call the Umpqua Wildlife Rescue hotline or your local rehab facility.

Fawns are best left where they are found.  It is normal for their mothers to leave them for long periods of time.  If you are concerned call the hotline.

.​.. an Injured Animal

If you find an injured animal here are some basic guidelines so you can help while keeping everybody safe:      
  • If you can pick up the animal, put it in a cardboard box.  If safety is a concern, place the box over the animal to keep it contained.


  • Keep the animal in a dark, quiet, warm place.


  • Avoid holding or touching.


  • Keep family pets away.


  • Do NOT feed.


  • Offer water but do not force to drink.


  • Call Umpqua Wildlife Rescue or your local rehab facility.


If you have questions or feel uncertain about what to do, feel free to call our Hotline.   We have the experience to answer these questions and we want to help with animals in need.